Is It safe to Travel to Iran? Doubt to travel?

Is It safe to Travel to Iran?

Iran is one of the oldest civilization in the world. Iran is an ancient country with an extraordinary history. Iran attractions cannot be found anywhere in the world. There are many natural, historical and recreational attractions in Iran which Iran travelers can enjoy visiting. As a country of four seasons, you can see many travelers and tourists everywhere in Iran during all months.

In spite of its long history, one of the questions which may arise is whether Iran is safe to travel. Iran is considered as one of the safest countries in the world. The tourists who travel to Iran will recognize Iran as a safe country. Despite what they have been told before, the Iran tourists can feel the peacefulness and safety of Iran. Although there are some limitations and differences comparing to the tourists origin countries, Iran is a safe country for traveling. Many Iran travelers have described Iran as a safe and secure place.

Although Iran is located in the Middle East and there is war all around this country, it enjoys a calm atmosphere. You can see people live in tranquillity and calmness. They do their job, enjoy their recreational activities, and live their life.

Iranian people treated so warmly and friendly with those traveling Iran. Courtesy and hospitality is part of Iranian culture. The Iran tourists can hitchhike, use restaurants and coffees, stay in hotels, eco-lodges, local accommodations and even homes of strangers, etc. safely. Even the woman travelers can easily travel to Iran alone.

Those who want tours to Persia can read the report of those tourists who traveled to Iran. In one of the case, a tourist who traveled to Iran scored different items. Among them only driving skills got a low score. In fact, the biggest problem in Iran may be driving and crossing the street since Iranian driving is a little unpredictable. It should be mentioned that, however, it is not an issue to be worry about. In most cities, the drivers are careful.

If the travelers are worry about the safety, they can ask an Iranian travel agency to provide them a tour. Persian Travel agencies can provide best services such as tour guide, driver, private vehicles, all transportation, accommodations, etc.

Iranian governments are trying to improve the condition for traveling to Iran in 2018 and succeeding years. They have planned to provide best facilities for improving tourism, especially Iran rural tourism.


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