Iranian Handicrafts

Iranian Handicraft


Iran is the centre of civilization and art. This beautiful country encompasses one of the richest worlds art heritages. Persian are considered as the first nations using geometry, mathematics, and even astronomy in their arts and architectures. Iranian people are true artists who are master in all fields such as music, performance, architecture, painting, carpeting, weaving, woodcarving, engraving, inlaid working, pottering, tile working, and even writing and calligraphy, etc.

Each parts of Iran have their own special handicrafts and arts. In fact, Iran is a rich source of various arts and crafts. Among the most famous and important handicrafts of Iran the following can be mentioned:

Carpet or rug weaving can be considered as one of the main handicrafts of Iran which has an influence on economic of the country. This commodity is famous worldwide. It is certainly the manifestation of Persian culture and art. For more information, read PERSIAN CARPET.

Ghalamkar is another handicraft. It is a usually cotton fabric patterned by wooden stamps. Termeh is also another handwoven cloth popular in Yazd province. Termeh is considered as a traditional design of Iran. This craft usually is light red, jujube red, green, blue, orange and black.

Among woodworks and wood carvings marquetry or moarragh and inlaid working or khatam can be mentioned. These arts date back to Safavid periods.

Another artwork rooted in Isfahan is Minakari. It is the art of enamel working and decorating with colorful and baked coats. It is divided into enamel painting, chess-like enamel, and cavity enamel. Mina refers to the Azure color of heaven. Furthermore, red, green, black, blue, yellow, etc. are also used in coloring. However, the background and the prominent color is azure.

Pottery is another art. Its history dates back to ancient time. The first earthenware was very simple. However, designing them started from four thousand years B.C. It became delicate and decorated by engraved designs.

Tile working is also a famous art in Iran began about 1200 A. D. Most of Persian structures specially the historical ones were decorated with beautiful tiles representing Persian art. This art also can be considered as an industry.

As mentioned before, every part of Iran has its own art and crafts, from working on the clothes to working on the buildings. For visiting these crafts and art travel to the land of various arts by Iran Tours 24 Team.