History of Iran


General idea about Iran

General information Iran (Persian) Iran is a country in southwest Asia with an area of 1,648,195 km2 (about one-fifth the size of the contiguous United States) and a population of 75 million (about one-fourth that of the United States).Farsi (Persian) is spoken by the majority of the population in Iran, though a significant portion.

Iran is a place which is located in middle east Its about 1,648milion square.km. the lower point is Caspian sea(-28m) and the heights point is Damavand peak.Tehran is the capital and Shiraz,Esfahan,Hamedan,Mashhad are historical city of Iran.

The reasons that people from other countries travel to Iran are:

  • variety of land scapes,monuments,life style,custom,language,foods,people,nomads,history,literature, hospitality

Most of people around the world that travel to Iran and cultural are historical traveler.

Iran means the land of Aryans.in the past various people lived in Iran whose developed civilizations. The first race of man on Iran platen belongs to move than 100000 BC around 4000-3000 BC is called they escaped from Syria toward the south and west.Those who moved west are believed to be the ancestors of most European nations.While those who went south become known as Indue Iranians.Travel to Iran is so pleasant then come Iran to get a first- hand experience of the fascinating, welcoming country.

Iran mostly is common because of the Persia in the western world.It is comprising around many countries like Anatolia ,the Bosphorus or Persia Gulf in the north of the Iran .Iran is also one of the oldest continuous with historical things.

The Medes unified Iran as a nation.The Achaemenid empire was the first of the Persian empires. And also it was the largest empire, and the first world empire. But the first Persian empire was the only civilization.They were succeeded because of the Seleucid,Parthian and Sasanianempire who successively governed Iran for about 1000 years.