Yalda night


Yalda night or solstice is one of the oldest Iranian celebrations,in this celebration traversed the length of the longest night of the year

followed by longer days in the northern hemisphere,which coincides with the winter solstice is celebrated.Yalda time is between sunset on

30 Azar (the last day of autumn) until sunrise on may day(the first of winter)is called.

Iranian families in Yalda usually have splendid dinner and different fruits special watermelon .after spending time together and eating

dinner , one of the members of family reads Hafez book.Yalda is an ancient tradition ,this ceremony is Aryan and followers of Mithra

ism it has been held in Iran for thousands of year, Yalda is the birthday of Mithra or Mehr , 7 thousands years ago ouran sectors found

that first winter night is the longest night of the year .this holiday season is as old as seasons were determined by people , in this night all

families come together and believe that they can release from evil and blessing the sun were inflaming.eating nuts,watermelon,grapes and

different of sweets and fruits are the symbol and sign of blessing,happiness ,health, abundance.