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Iran symbols
Welcome to IRAN, Land of Wonders

Iran Travel Agency Helps you Touch New Horizons

Is traveling to Iran a good idea?

  • Iran tour cost: The prices are very low in Iran so you can have a luxury trip to

this country with an economic budget. and It is cheaper than all world.

Iran abounds in historical sites, cultural attractions
and natural landscapes. Don’t miss your camera.

  • Iranian foods: Iranian foods is extremely delicious and unique. If you are still skeptical about traveling to Iran, Iranian foods can definitely be a good reason for you!
  • Iran’s Climate: The climate is moderate in Iran. Springs and summers are fantastic.
  • People of Iran: Iranians are very hospitable and lovely people. They respect their guests very much.
  • Tour to Iran: In addition, we can prepare everything for you in a quick and safe way, including: getting visa, booking tickets and hotels and organizing the best tours and excursions with qualified tour guides.

Do you expect more from a desirable and memorable travel?

Don’t hesitate. Iran is a Must See country.

Do you need Iran Tourist Visa?

We help you to get all kinds of visa for Iran very easily and quickly.

Just apply for Iran visa here then sit back and drink a cup of coffee.

This piece of information about Iran Visa, helps you to know more about the types and process of getting Iran visa.

You should get help from a reputable Iran tour operator to guide you for travel to Iran.

How can I book a Good Hotel in Iran?

Most of hotels cannot Book online in Iran because of banking restrictions. But we can book the best hotel and prepare everything for you to have an enjoyable stay in Iran. We are connected to the greatest Iran Hotels database so we can guide you to know about hotels in Iran and book the best hotel for you.

Can tourists change the plan or itinerary of Iran Tourism Packages?

Of course, YES! We have a tailor made Iran Tour Package. In this tour package tourists can design their own tours and declare which cities they’re gonna visit, which attractions they’re interested in visiting ,the kind of desirable hotels and the duration of their travel. We will organize the tour package as they desire.

It’s our duty to serve you the bests.

Feel free to contact us! We are here to answer your questions. 

Popular Iran Tour Packages

  • Green Iran

    Travel to Green Paradise (10 Days)

    Travel to Iran’s great forests and fantastic cities to get more information about Iran nature and cultural attractions near Caspian Sea, the largest lake in the world. Enjoy our green paradise.
  • Best of Iran

    Persian Gems Tour Package(10 Days)

    Survey the amazing history of Iran in a few days. You can visit the most important cities of Iran and UNESCO sites and also become familiar with their cultures, traditions and architectures […]
    (2 Reviews)
  • Holiday Tour

    Holiday Tour Package (11 Days)

    This package is organized for celebrating Christmas event in Isfahan’s Vank Cathedral as the biggest church in Iran. Tourists can also become familiar with various historical periods of Persia.
    (8 Reviews)
  • iran travel
    Qeshm Tour

    The Beauty of Qeshm Island (8 Days)

    Beautiful Qeshm is a real paradise in south of Iran. It is the biggest island of the country. Qeshm has great sites and a rich sea life where you can see different fishes, dolphins, and turtles.
  • A Tour to Mesr Desert _ Isfahan-Iran
    Pure Nature

    Iran Pure Nature Tour (9 Days)

    Survey the amazing nature of Iran in a few days. You can visit some of the most beautiful landscapes of Iran and UNESCO sites to discover the pure nature of Iran. Contact us for more. information.
    (1 Review)
  • Kish Island Diving Center- Iran
    Kish Tour

    Kish Underwater World Tour (4 Days)

    A Fantastic Tour to the Persian Gulf. Kish is one of the most beautiful islands of Iran. It is a Free Zone where you need no visa to enter in. Enjoy one of the best Iranian islands.
    (3 Reviews)
  • Martian Mountains-Iran_Chabahar - Systan va Baluchestan

    Persian Landscapes Tour (16 Days)

    In this tour package, you can visit beautiful natural landscapes and nature and also some important man-made structures of Iran from north to the south of the country. Enjoy your trip with us.
    (5 Reviews)
  • Iran Tour

    The Complete Image of Iran Tour (27 Days)

    Tourists can experience adventurous activities in different climates of Iran from snowy mountains to warm beaches. Discover new traditions, delicious foods and glorious landscapes by this tour.
  • Chenje Kebab
    Food Tour

    Iran Food Tour and Persian Cuisine

    Persian cooking style or Persian cuisine is one of the top cuisines in the world according to the asserts of other nations. The secret of Persian Cuisine is love, passion and patience.

IRAN, a Hot Tourist Destination

Iran, also known as Persia, with an area of 1, 648, 195 square kilometers is located in western Asia in the Middle East. Iran having a rich history is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations dating back to 7000 BC.

This marvelous country enjoys magnificent ancient sites registered in UNESCO Heritage List, beautiful gardens (with the special architecture of Chahar-Bagh), religious shrines, as well as great fantastic nature and landscapes ranging from vast deserts to colorful, fragrant gardens, verdant forests and extensive coastlines.

Iran is a vast country with wondering and amazing places you must see and diverse ethnic cultures and traditions [more about Iran].

View Amazing Places in Iran
View Amazing Places in Iran
Persian Culture and Heritage
Persian Culture and Heritage in Pictures
Iran Nature and Landscapes
Iran Nature and Landscapes
Persian Foods and Drinks
Persian Foods and Drinks

You can also find the best works of art in Iran. The hospitable people of Iran provide you with the most beautiful handmade arts such as Persian carpet, Khatam, Termeh, etc.

Travel to Iran, land of history and mystery to find the great Persian and Iranian-Islamic architecture and its wonderful nature. Iran calls you! Design your own trip with our experts allowing you to really live Iran! Iran Sun World Travel Agency with more than a decade of experience in tour operating will Find the Best Offers for any Demand!

Enjoy traveling to Iran in peace of mind with our agents.Let’s Get Iran travel guide!

Tour Categories

Sport tour

Sport Tour

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Religious Tour

2 tours

Nomadic Tour

1 tour

Nature & Landscape Tour

10 tours
iran birds

Iran Wildlife Watching

1 tour

Highlight Tour

3 tours

Heritage and Cultural Tour

3 tours

Excursion Tour

3 tours
kish island

Combining Tour

2 tours

Travel to Iran FAQs

In this part you can see and read faqs about iran

I am an American citizen, can I travel to Iran?

American, British and Canadian people can apply for Iran Visa before coming to Iran and visit Iran only within Iranian guided tours. They should find an Iranian travel agency and ask it to help them get their Iran visa code. They should send the necessary requirements i.e. their passport image, a personal photo, their personal and work resume as well as filling out the Iran visa application form presented on Iran Sun World website.
After receiving the necessary documents, Iran Sun World will apply for their visa authorization code. Iran visa authorization number will be sent to them by Iran Sun World. The process may take a month to be complete. The tourists can go to any city in any country that has Iranian embassy to collect their visa.

Therefore, getting Iran Visa for Americans may be a little more difficult than other countries. The tour schedule and name of all their hotels in Iran, and the exact time of arrival and departure should be determined. They should also stay in Iran during their journey along with their tour guide approved by the Iran Cultural Heritage Organization.
Consult with an Iranian travel agency to get your visa with no problem and more ease.

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?

The process of getting Iran Visa is one of the simplest parts of traveling to Iran, land of wonder, adventure and beauty. Iran Visa can be issued for those who like to travel to Iran, individually or in a group.
It should be noted that all nationalities except the owners of Israeli passport can travel to Iran.
For more information, click HERE.

Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Iran is considered as one of the safest countries in the world. The tourists who travel to Iran will definitely recognize Iran as a safe country. Despite what their media have told them and the propaganda against Iran, tourists can feel the peacefulness and safety of Iran. Although there are some limitations and differences comparing to the tourists’ origin countries, Iran is a safe country for traveling. Indeed, many Iran travelers have described it as a safe and secure place. Although Iran is located in the Middle East and there is war all around this country, it is safe inside the country.
It is a fact that Iran enjoys a calm atmosphere. You can see Iranian people live in tranquility; do their job in calmness; enjoy the recreational activities; and live their life happily.
Courtesy and hospitality is an important part of Iranian culture. Iranian people treat warmly and friendly with travelers. Tourists can hitchhike, use restaurants and coffees, stay in hotels, eco-lodges, local accommodations and even homes of strangers, etc. safely. Even the woman travelers can easily travel to Iran alone.

What is the best time to visit Iran?

Iran is a vast country with different climate zones; therefore, you can travel in every season you want. Whether it is summer, winter, spring or autumn, Iran welcomes you.
In spring, you can travel to different parts of the country since the weather is really enjoyable from west to east and north to south.
In summer, it is recommended to visit the north, northwest and northeast, the west, and middle of the country (e.g. Isfahan) since the weather there is better than the southern or southeastern of Iran. Southern parts have hot weather in summer.
In autumn, the weather is bearable in all directions. All parts of the country, therefore, can be visited. However, the most recommended parts are south and center of Iran since the north, northwest and northeast enjoy rain most of the time in this season.
In winter, the north, northwest, northeast and west experience snow while in the south sun shines and sometimes it is rainy. The center also enjoys rainy weather and in some parts it is snowing, with cool days and cold nights.

What is the spoken language in Iran?

Persian also called Farsi is the official language of Iran. However, there are a number of languages and dialects spoken all around Iran. These languages and dialects contains Azerbaijani (Turkish), Lori, Kurdish, Mazandarani, Gilaki, Balochi, and Arabic. More than half the population speak a dialect of Persian which is under Indo-European category.
Most of the new generation in Iran can speak English, but a tour guide or translator can be very helpful in some cases.
On the whole Iranians are very friendly and hospitable people and you will enjoy communicating with them in any case.

More details about traveling to IRAN:


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